the easiest way to have a dress but not spend tons of money on it is to rent it from us.

Our photo studio has tons of props that are available to lease.

12 hrs

Rent one dress
Rent 1 prop


24 hrs

rent 1-2 dresses
Or Rent 1-2 props
Or Rent mix of 2


48 hrs

1-5 dresses/fabrics
Rent 3 props
Or any mix of 3



How to proceed?
Choose your dress from the link above, and share with me with date you need it on. I will send an invoice to pay, and the dress will be ready to pick up on your requested day and time.

How do I choose the dress?
Follow the link, create favorite list, and share it with me, and I will prepare dress/s for your day and time.

What if I won't be able to bring it on time?

If you not bring dress/s on time, you will be charged $50 for each day

What if I accidently ruin the dress?

You will pay for it full price.